Sunday, 10 March 2013

Buying a home can be a little confusing, especially for a first time buyer. The decision to purchase a particular house should not be based on whether it fulfills the parameters of being your dream house; instead buyers should think rationally and factor in other considerations like price, condition and location.

Given below are the three major mistakes that first time buyers make.

Ignoring defects

Most people tend to overlook major flaws in the house that they intend to buy. While some are overcome by the size of the property, some tend to get carried away by the less price tag and opt for houses with major flaws. The truth is that while the defects may seem too trivial to bother about in the beginning, there is every possibility that once you purchase the house, they may cause you to regret your decision.

Over estimating the price

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Most first time buyers tend to over estimate the price of a house. People who over estimate the price, end up paying a large sum for something that could be easily purchased at a far lesser price.

Not availing the services of a good real estate agency

Most people make the mistake of believing that all real estate agents are the same.Opting for a good agency can save you from the trouble of making mistakes and buying a home that does not suit your requirements.


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