Sunday, 5 May 2013

April 26, 2013 marks the 127th birthday of city of Vancouver. It was on this day that the small sawmill community of Granville was reborn as the brand new city of Vancouver. The real estate listings in this urbane city today include some of the mist beautiful houses and apartments of British Columbia.

Did you know that this cosmopolitan city bordered with majestic mountains is also associated with several well known personalities? Here are some lesser known facts about Vancouver:

  • Frederick John Westcott, better known by his stage name Fred Karno organized a week long engagement in the city in 1911. One of performers in the play was Charlie Chaplin who was 22 years old then.

  • Joseph Rudyard Kipling, the English short story writer, novelist and poet visited Vancouver three times beginning in 1892. Impressed by the beauty and culture of the city, he also bought some land here.
  • Bing Crosby, American actor who won Academy Award (Best Actor) for 1944 musical comedy Going My Way, often visited Vancouver. However, he was once refused a room at Hotel Vancouver when he walked in casually dressed. With his few days’ growth of facial hair, the perplexed clerk at reservation desk could not recognize him.

  • When Johnny Depp had to live in Vancouver for the first season of Jump Street, he got into a tiff with the security guard of his hotel and was arrested. The one night that he spent in a Vancouver prison was enough for tabloids to latch onto and it sparked media’s portrayal of Depp as a ‘hell raiser’. However, to his fans and public in general, he remained polite and constructive about his work.
  • Katherine Hepburn used to periodically rent the penthouse of the low rise Rosellen Suites, in Vancouver’s West End area. It is still available for rent.


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